Author: Catherine

The Sealander: Is It a Caravan, Is It a Boat? No, It’s a Caraboat!

Meet the new Cara Boat. It’s a caravan. But it’s also a boat. You can tour your favourite country for a few weeks and then, when you get bored, sail off into the sunset in search of pastures new. The Sealander is the modern take on the caravan, designed by a German engineer, which lets you adapt the nation’s favourite holiday accessory into a boat.

River Cottage is the Most Sustainable Restaurant in the UK

The River Cottage brand has become known in organic circles as a pioneer of the ‘grow your own’ movement. The practises adopted at River Cottage have been so successful that the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) has awarded the business the highest award possible, making it the most sustainable restaurant in the UK.

5 Beautiful Eco Resorts Using Renewable Technologies

Travellers are spoilt for choice these days when choosing environmentally responsible and sustainable locations to vacation, so deciding where to go can be difficult. Here we present five of the top eco resorts worldwide that boast some of the best renewable technologies, making them true green stays, and your decision a whole lot easier.