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agriturismo italy

5 Stunning Eco-Chic Agriturismos Around Italy

Once you visit an agriturismo and feel like an Italian family has taken you in and made you a part of their lives, even for just a few days, it’s pretty addictive. From north to south, these are some of the most stunning, enjoyable, and hospitable agriturismos that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting (or coveting a visit to) over the years.

TribeWanted Italy: A Day in the Life of a Tribe Member

Fancy starting your day milking a cow? Or perhaps a morning workout of kneading a kilo of flour and 20 eggs to make Umbrian cheese bread (a sort of savory panettone)? Tribewanted is a series of communities aiming to operate in a completely sustainable manner from financing to staffing and architecture to agriculture where you can start the day just like this.

basalt column giant's causeway

New Sustainable Visitor Centre for Giant’s Causeway

Like great grey fingers reaching for the sky, the basalt columns of The Organ at the Giant’s Causeway held me totally captivated as a child. I would stand as close to the columns as possible, lean my head back and stare skyward up along the length of hexagonal stones stacked neatly, one upon the other.