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Quinta da Regaleira Sintra

Wandering through Sublime Sintra

Sintra remains relatively untouched by the large numbers of visitors and sustainable tourism is a watchword for this UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are a variety of hiking trails – from the coastal paths to tracks that allow visitors to discover the wide range of botanic species and the mysterious monuments that inspired Lord Byron when he lived here.

unesco mali timbuktu

World Heritage Site Timbuktu Threatened

The irreplaceable historic and architectural treasures of Mali’s great desert city, Timbuktu, are under threat of destruction by Islamist rebels occupying the city.  Timbuktu, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1988, has already suffered several attacks on its religious monuments, including the destruction of several ancient shrines of Muslim saints that the fundamentalist attackers consider to be idolatrous.

basalt column giant's causeway

New Sustainable Visitor Centre for Giant’s Causeway

Like great grey fingers reaching for the sky, the basalt columns of The Organ at the Giant’s Causeway held me totally captivated as a child. I would stand as close to the columns as possible, lean my head back and stare skyward up along the length of hexagonal stones stacked neatly, one upon the other.