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5 Top Credit Cards Linked with Environmental Charities

More and more people are booking their holidays via the internet, which although not good for the travel agents on the high street is great for online businesses, especially when you can book with companies and resorts directly. Fewer trips to the high street means less pollution, suggesting that environmentally conscious shoppers can help change the world through e-commerce. Those who really want to make a change shop at green websites, buy green products and tend to book ecotourism breaks. All these environmentally-responsible purchases make sense, but the credit cards used to pay for them may not. Many credit card companies promote environmentally disastrous policies and programs using the money they make from eco-friendly purchases. Fortunately, that can change.

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Credit cards issued by banks that believe in environmental responsibility exist, giving customers a chance to use an eco-friendly credit card that offers donations to environmental charities rather than offering airline miles or cash back. Check out the 5 top credit cards linked with environmental charities and start to live an even more eco-friendly life.

1. Working Assets

Travellers keen to protect the environment through their purchases or while shopping can do so to their heart’s content using this progressive credit card. Working Assets donates ten cents to environmental and other charities every time cardholders use it for a purchase. Since 1985, this card has generated at least $67 million in donations to charitable causes.

2. The AMEX Red Card

Red is a corporate project that raises money for the Global Fund. Companies volunteer to make special Product Red items that they sell and donate up to half of their profit on each item. The AMEX Red credit card makes ethical spending easy because American Express donates to the Fund every time shoppers pay with their card.

3. The MBNA WWF Credit Card

UK shoppers can help conserve the environment by using the World Wildlife Fund credit card from MBNA. This card makes a £6 donation to the WWF when new account holders use their card for the first time. After that, the card contributes 40p for every £100 spent on the card and another £2 every year the card stays active. Fantastic!

4. Salmon Nation

Travellers can make a difference in the world, no matter where they are, by using the Salmon Nation Visa from PacificCoast Bank. This charitable credit card donates to a fund that supports the ecosystem of the Pacific Northwest every time cardholders use it to shop online or swipe it for a purchase in-store. Ranchers, fishermen, loggers and city residents join together under Salmon Nation to make their world a better place for salmon and for humans.

5. Barclaycard Breathe

As the only credit card in the UK that helps fund anti-climate change initiatives, Barclaycard Breathe helps shoppers save the world as they shop on or offline. In fact one-half of one-percent of all charges to the card goes straight to Pure, the Clean Planet Trust. With many people choosing to do the right thing by applying for this card, many important projects can get a fast and reliable revenue stream. Cardholders need not worry about the projects they supports because it only goes to government-approved causes.

Andy is the co-founder of, one of Australia’s top credit card comparison websites, where he has reviewed many of the best credit cards on the market.

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