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Hello! Welcome to Verdemode.

If you’re looking for EcoTravellerGuide, she is no more. Early in 2019 EcoTraveller morphed into Verdemode. Read more about it here, if you’re interested: Why I’m rebranding my blog.

If you’re reading this page you’ve probably requested to guest post on the site. That’s fab. Thanks for wanting to contribute. We’re always looking for high quality articles from like-minded writers. We’re also open to the odd sponsored post, too. If you’re a brand that aligns with Verdemode’s ethos, then I would love to take this discussion further.

However, to get featured on the site you’ll need to play by the rules. And there are a few. Please make sure you read them. Like, really read them. It will make all our lives easier. Thank you!

    • If you have emailed requesting a guest post but haven’t bothered to look at the site to see what it’s about, you will receive a reply with a link to this page. It’s probably best you have a read and see if it’s worth sending another email.
    • If you email asking questions that are already answered here, you’ll be sent a link to this page. *Top tip: before emailing, take five seconds to look at a site to see if it accepts guest posts. Saves a whole heap of wasted energy. You’re welcome.
    • If the url to this site is highlighted in blue or linked to a random article, I’ll know you’re spamming lots of sites so won’t answer. You may be lucky enough to receive a link to this page, though.
    • If you’ve got a 5,000 word guide (or similar) that you’ve written for your affiliate site and want to share it with Verdemode readers. No thanks.
    • If you send a number of emails in quick succession asking for me to reply to your amazing offer, it will be classed as spam. Please remove Verdemode from your mailing list. And woe betied if at the end of your tirade of emails you suggest I unsubscribe! Stop spamming me and unsubscribe the address yourself. Don’t waste my time, or yours!
    • If after all that you continue to send emails requesting stuff that makes you look well dodgy (show of hands for those wanting permanent, do-follow links) or keep asking about a guest post when you’re obvs just wanting scammy link juice, guess what? Cha-ching. That’s right, you’ll get a FREE link to this page.
    • If any of this offends you and you’re just doing your job for a crappy digital agency, please stop spamming and learn how to reach out to bloggers and editors properly. *Big Hint: Use their name, look at the website and make it personal.

    Now, moving on…

    If you’re still reading and are genuinely wanting to contribute to Verdemode in the form of either a guest post or sponsored post, do read on.

    PR peeps, we do like to get news of what’s happening around the world, but please make sure the news is relevant to Verdemode. And note: we do not publish pre-written content. See below for information relating to promotions and collaborations if you’re looking to place a sponsored post.

    guest post on verdemode


    We do occasionally accept guest posts on Verdemode, but only from other sustainable/design writers and travel bloggers. If that’s you, please have a read below before emailing your ideas. Ta.

    Heads up:

    Verdemode focuses on sustainable living, green design, ethical business and eco travel. If your pitch doesn’t relate to any of these categories then it probably won’t get the go-ahead.

    Article requirements

    :: All articles must be original and not published on other sites.
    :: Before pitching, have a browse through the site and see if it’s been done before.
    :: When pitching, please write a short summary of your idea and why you think it’s a good fit for Verdemode.
    :: Minimum post length is 1,000 words long. Go for your life if you want to write more.
    :: All posts must have an introduction and lead image.
    :: Please link within the article where applicable and ensure the reader can easily find further information where necessary. No spammy links, please!


    :: Lead image needs to be at least 1200 x 800 pix.
    :: Aim for one image per 200 words.
    :: Images within the article must be at least 800 pix wide.
    :: Please make sure all images are optimised for web – resize them before you send them over.
    :: All images must be author’s own or sourced under Creative Commons license. Please use: to find appropriate images if you do not have your own, or use a similar CC site like Pixabay or Unsplash. Check license use and link to image.
    :: We prefer images that are not overly altered.
    :: If you have a lot of portrait images, please stitch together/make a collage before you send them.
    :: All images must be clearly labelled, with captions where appropriate.

    Author bio and image

    :: Please supply a short bio (no more than 100 words) with links to your social media profiles and blog.
    :: Author image should be at 150×150 pix.

    write for verdemode


    If you’re getting in touch to promote your brand or business, that’s great. It would be lovely to discuss how we can collaborate. Again, in case you skimmed to this point, Verdemode focuses on sustainable living, green design, ethical business and eco travel. If your pitch doesn’t relate to any of these categories then we’re not the site for you!

    However, if you think we can make sweet sweet sustainable music together, have a read of our reader demographic and conditions for publication.

    Reader Demographic

    Verdemode readers are: educated to tertiary level, professional and aged between 25 and 55. The main readers are based in Australia, the United States, the UK and Canada. These are environmentally aware individuals who either lead sustainable lifestyles already or are looking for new ideas to help shape a sustainable future.

    • All sponsored posts are written in-house to ensure they are in keeping with the rest of the site.
    • We will create a well-written, thoroughly researched article of around 1,500 words, with images included.
    • One “no-follow” link to the client’s website is allowed and is valid for one year. No permanent links.
    • The article will be promoted on all our social media channels. We expect you to promote the article as well.
    • There must be a disclosure statement at the end of the post, e.g., “This post is brought to you by…” or something similar. Please don’t ask us not to disclose as it upsets the big Google gods and no one wants that.
    • Payment is required prior to publication via PayPal, with an additional 5% charge to cover PayPal’s fees. This is non-negotiable.

    If you’ve read all the way to the bottom (impressive) and are still interested in working together, please get in touch with Linda via email:


    Lead image credit: Thought Catalog on Unsplash