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Welcome to Eco Traveller, an ecotourism and responsible travel guide offering tips and inspiration to those looking for new ideas and new ways to travel.

Hi! I’m Linda. I’ve been running Eco Traveller since 2011. Originally from Northern Ireland, where the grass is always green but the skies are grey, I constantly craved sunnier climes where I could don a pair of shorts for at least seven days in a row. This led to an insatiable wanderlust, which still bubbles just below the surface.

I was first bitten by the travel bug at the tender age of 13 on a backpacking trip around Switzerland with my Dad. From then on all I dreamed about was travelling the world. As soon as I was able, I bought a round-the-world ticket and set off for a year through South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Soon after I travelled solo through Israel, Egypt and Jordan, and have been travelling on-and-off ever since.

While travelling I became more aware of the various negative impacts of globetrotting and the importance of ecotourism and responsible travel. Over the years I’ve watched places I’ve visited change dramatically; rarely for the better, so always keep in mind how I travel when trip planning.

It doesn’t necessarily mean never flying, sacrificing luxury or volunteering for projects during your holiday, just travelling with a different attitude; looking at how your travels impact this lovely over-trodden world.

During my travels I would spend days in seaside shacks writing about my travels, and after a long career in paediatric nursing I decided I wanted to get into the world of travel writing. I bought Don George’s book How to Become a Travel Writer, which advised getting a job in publishing. So I did. After working on a women’s magazine in London for a few years I started working as a freelance writer, which offered much more flexibility in travel. I have been writing about travel ever since.

about eco traveller

A lot of my travels were in the time before digital cameras, hence the retro quality. Yes, I am that old!

I first started writing about eco travel for Bootsnall.com in 2007. At the time the concept of eco travel was very new and there was a lot of eye-rolling and scepticism about travelling greener. In 2008, I went back to full-time work for a while as editor of environmental news website EnvironmentalGraffiti.com, which has now been absorbed by Scribol. Life happened and plans changed, which saw my husband and I live between Australia and London for a few years. It was a blissfully free-spirited time, and easy to do when you’re a freelance worker.

Now we call Melbourne home and have two little girls, who, we’ve discovered, are natural born travellers. As a family we are enjoying exploring Melbourne and around Australia, but of course love to venture overseas when time and funds allow. I hope you enjoy following our travels.

How Can I Help You?

If, like me, you yearn to travel but are keen to keep your environmental impact to a minimum, you’ve come to the right place to discover how to travel and make a difference.

Maybe you want to go to Phi Phi in Thailand, but are worried about adding to the overcrowding on the island – I can recommend somewhere just as beautiful to explore. You’ve been dreaming of climbing Macchu Picchu but have heard there are 2,500 people a day trekking the same route – did you know there’s another fabulous walking route in Peru that only sees 30 people a day? Or maybe you’re looking for somewhere to stay that was built sustainably and has great eco practices. I can help you with your search.

Whether you’re a solo traveller, are part of a couple or travel with kids, Eco Traveller Guide can offer a number of ideas and inspiration to help you plan your ideal trip.

Here are a few posts that may help to begin with:

What is? Series

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Tips and How tos

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Cool Places

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Green Spaces

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A Touch of Luxury

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Serious Stuff

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Work With Eco Traveller Guide

Eco Traveller Guide is a niche website targeted to those passionate about ecotourism, sustainable travel and green travel, with a loyal and dedicated following. Working with us means you are reaching the perfect audience for your brand without having to sift through the crowds.

Inspired by innovation, by people who make a concerted effort to work with the environment rather than against it, Eco Traveller seeks out new hotels, lodges and restaurants that care as much about their workers and the community as the environment. When businesses take sustainability and responsibility into account, great things happen.

We also love to share stories of people doing amazing things in terms of eco travel, so if you have a Press Release you would like to share, do send it, however, there is no guarantee of coverage.

For latest site statistics and further details, a media kit is available on request.

If you would like to work with me, please get in touch.


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